Hope For The Hurt Within
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Hope for the Hurt Within Lindsey

Have you experienced being around people but not with them? Perhaps you wear a smile in public, but at home, when the door is closed, you hurt inside, and hardly anyone really knows. Perhaps you’re in a relationship, where you can see the other person but feel miles apart, as if distance grows between you and your loved one. Your inner loneliness and sorrow seem to continue day after day. Life becomes tiring and hard.

Proverbs 14:13 says, “Laughter can conceal a heavy heart, but when the laughter ends, the grief remains”(NLT). Your appearance can conceal or hide how you really feel. Vines Greek and Hebrew Dictionary says, “The heart, as lying deep within, contains ‘the hidden man,’ ‘the real man.’ It represents the true character but conceals it.” Our English word heart contains an ancient thought that within what you appear to be on the outside is the true, inner you, who you may or may not share with anyone.

Only you know what you really think, feel and experience inside. You may feel depressed, anxious, hurt, rejected or alone today. Yet, who can you really trust with the more sensitive areas of your heart? Do you wish that someone would see you, hear you and accept you? Do you long for real connection but find trusting difficult? Do you feel growing distance from the hearts of those you love? Are you losing hope?

At Renewed Heart Counseling, we believe that some burdens are too big to bear alone, especially inner burdens, though humans often choose inner privacy and loneliness, instead of rejection or abandonment. At Renewed Heart Counseling, we believe in the value and strength of the therapeutic relationship to hold your burdens and sorrows with you in a caring, safe and professional environment. We help you sift through the confusion, journeying with you, as you find inner healing and freedom -- hope for the hurt within.

Here are some of the people we can help:

  • Men & Women
  • Couples & Families
  • Adolescents
  • Child Parent Relationship Therapy
  • 10 Session Pre-Maritial Counseling

Client Testimonial:

I absolutely loved going to Renewed Heart for pre-marital counseling. Ben gave us the tools we needed to help work through any situation that may come our way in the future, and our communication skills have greatly improved since we have finished our sessions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking counseling.